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Hussey Appraisal Group Hawaii, Inc.

You can help your appraisal go smoothly and quickly by making sure the appraiser has access to all areas of the property. This includes visual access to storage areas, attics, and basements or crawl spaces. Copies of the following documents are helpful:

  • Sales contracts
  • List of personal property included
  • Survey
  • Floor plan
  • Building, electrical, and plumbing permits
  • List of recent improvements with cost and date
  • Easements or encroachments
  • Private road maintenance 


Our turn around time and fees vary depending on the complexity and location of the subject property. The average turn around time for a basic residential appraisal is five days from date of inspection and fees range from $450 to $650.  Additional travel, complexity and rush charges may apply. Commercial, industrial, and other more complex assignments require custom quotes. Please contact our office to discuss a fee quote and turn time for your specific property.   



Call our office at (808) 935-6081 or use the form below to send us a message. Whether you want to buy or sell a property, refinance your home or solve an estate valuation problem, you can benefit from the services of the Hussey Appraisal Group Hawaii, Inc. With collective experience totaling over 60 years appraising real estate in Hawaii, our appraisers have the tools and knowledge to meet your needs for fair, credible and professional appraisals. Contact us today for ALL your appraisal needs. And Mahalo in advance for the opportunity to be of service!